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Democracy, Tech and Media

5/17/19, 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM (EEST)
Blue Stage

Democracy is under threat worldwide. The trend is made worse by pressures facing traditional news media. Technology platforms have gobbled up advertising revenues that used to pay for news; social media has divided audiences; and rogue actors use disinformation to dominate news cycles. Yet technology also helps next-generation media flourish and can even bring valuable archival content back to life. Podcasting, real-time translation, and virtual reality can dramatically improve their viability and utility by tapping artificial intelligence. The panel also will discuss the cost of rebuilding the European media ecosystem and the degree to which public authorities should be involved in funding and regulation.

In discussion:
Daniel Knapp, the co-founder of data consultancy Ecuiti and a former adviser to the European Commission on a groundbreaking report published in March; Mari Joller, the founder and chief executive of Snackable AI, a company building a new content discovery engine for audio media; and Sven Slazenger, managing director of Interlake, which oversees technology projects and digital content for public authorities and major media companies. The moderator is James Kanter, founder and editor of EU Scream, the progressive politics podcast from Brussels, who is a former EU correspondent for The New York Times and International Herald Tribune.


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