‼️ Make sure you have Zoom installed well BEFORE your first mentoring session. 

At least 3 days before any of your mentoring sessions, you will get calendar invites for the roundtables. The invite will also include:

  1. The Zoom link 
  2. Roundtable title
  3. Mentor name
  4. Names and Linkedins of other participants

To join a roundtable:

  1. Find a quiet comfortable place with a stable wifi connection.
  2. Make sure your computer or other device has a camera. It is strongly recommended to turn the camera on for the roundtables. 
  3. Open the calendar invite and join via the Zoom link in the invite 1-2 minutes before the start of the roundtable.
  4. For all the chats, we have enabled the waiting room. You will be accepted to join the session if your name is in the participants’ list for that specific session. Make sure your Zoom name matches the one you initially signed up with for the mentoring session. 
  5. If you have any background noise, please keep yourself muted while not talking.

How to prepare for the session:

  1. Prepare your 1-sentence value proposition for your company for introducing yourself and the startup you represent.
  2. Please don’t go into lengthy descriptions of your background, nor of your company’s business or product – you’d be wasting everyone’s time. So keep it short and relevant.
  3. Google the mentor and get a brief overview of who he/she is.
  4. Think through and write down as specifically as you can question to ask from the mentor.
  5. If you have relevant know-how and experience on the questions raised by your fellow mentees, feel free to share it during the conversation.
  6. Be realistic and do not expect clear cut answers to your challenges. Mentors rarely tell you what to do. Think of it more as getting new perspectives to your old problems.
  7. Please keep in mind that these are group roundtable discussions, so try not to dominate the conversation too much by making it all about you and your company. That’s just rude and self-centred.

What to do if you are late and the roundtable session has already started?

If you are late less than 10 minutes – you will be still let in to join the session.

If you are late more than  10 minutes – sorry, that ship has sailed.


Want to get in touch with the mentor for any 1:1 sessions?

Ping Latitude59 team at info@latitude59.ee. We’ll see what we can do 🙂