Tips and Tricks to succeed at Latitude59

At Latitude59 warm-up event  How to make the most of tech?,  two seasoned tech executives and an agile startup duo shared their experiences, insights, and know-how. Here´s a short overview, pointing out some tips and tricks you can use to take advantage of these hundreds of investors and potential customers packed into limited space at Latitude59. 

Why some startups make an impact immediately and others don’t
- Margus Uudam, Partner & founder at Karma VC

Startup-investor meetings usually follow a routine – 20 minutes for a pitch, 10 minutes to Q&A -, but the bottom line here is that if for startups it’s the same pitch they go over and over again, then for the investor it’s a rollercoaster of topics from health tech to AI. So – for the sake of standing out, make it easier for the investor to remember you later. Here´s how:

  • Know yourself: what do you want and where are you standing as specifically as you can
  • Do your homework: don´t go just fishing, take the maximum from talking to the right people
  • Ask first: you´ll be taken more seriously if you actually take interest in things like fund focus and size, average ticket size etc
  • Slides provide visual memory. Skip slides only if you´re super good at articulation.
  • Demo – if possible.
  • Don´t say you don´t have competition in your area. It´s not believable.
  • Say what you wouldn´t want to say – point out the weaknesses. Honesty is what the relationship is built on.
  • Summarize the meeting so you could frame what´s going to happen next.
  • Follow up with slides. Never links, always attached PDF-s.


Maximizing the amount and quality of contacts before & during the event
Priit Salumaa, Co-founder & Sales Lead at Mooncascade 

To begin with, figure out why are you going to an event – to find clients, meet investors, get visibility or hire people? And although you might go after them all, prioritizing is crucial – one main goal, everything else is nice to have. After you´ve got that cleared up, do the homework:

  • Who´s there? 
Attendees lists, LinkedIn groups, Facebook events – go through the participants, their backgrounds, and profiles. Create a list of people you´d want to have a meeting with. Find their contact, if necessary, ask for an intro.

  • Get in contact
When addressing a busy person - get right to it, be very short. The subject line and the first sentence should already lock their attention. If you´ve got it, provide value (link to portfolio, references etc). End with a call to action. Don´t copy-paste, use individual angle.

  • Prepare the meeting

Think it trough: where are you going to meet (scout for a quiet place), do you need to take any materials with you, how you´re going to play your pitch so it would work on each individual? Think. It. Trough.

  • At the meeting
Most important – make notes, because notes help you to follow up. End the meeting with action points and on time. There´s nothing worse than someone who doesn´t respect your time. And keep your promises – if you promise to send the slides the same day, do so. Again – notes help you with that.



Hacking events with no budget & lots of ambition
- Sirla, street artist & Chief Inspiration Officer, and Aet Rebane, Head of Communications at SprayPrinter

If you don´t have a budget, you have to be creative. As SprayPrinter´s goal at events like Latitude59 is to gain visibility and get fame, the action plan is clear. Do whatever it takes to get attention. Sirla and Aet bought some examples how they´ve done it. Here´s three for inspiration:

  • If you don´t get accepted, try to participate or contribute to the event in some other way.  

“…we asked if we could take part some other way, as a cooperation partner for example. So, we came to an agreement that we will help with the interior design solutions and posters. That meant sprayprinting 3 days and nights in a row without getting proper sleep once we arrived Paris. But it was totally worth it because sprayprinted posters were all over the event. We even got to print the diamond around one of the screens. That means we were super visible and all over the place.”

  • Instead of waiting for the journalists to come and talk to you, go to them.

“We wanted to get publications from the tech journalists attending the event. We had a demo booth but apparently it wasn’t enough to get noticed among all the other start-ups demoing. So we sneaked pass the security and went to the press room. And when we saw a good moment, me started talking with the journalists. So my tip is that if you have enough balls, then try going to backstage, press room. Wherever you can. But have an agenda also. Just looking around isn’t enough!”

  • Use someone else´s brand to brand yourself and build a story around it.

“At Web Summit in Lisbon, we decided to sprayprint a portrait of the football legend Louis Figo as he was one of the speakers there. This way people who didn’t care about our printer, but loved Figo did the first essential step coming to us to ask what’s going on. And we could use ultra popular louisfigo hashtag in our social media.”

Hopefully, you found something useful and we´ll see you on May 25-26th, succeeding in getting the goals you´ve set.  If you don´t have a ticket yet,  hurry up before they´re sold out. Purchase a ticket from here.