Latitude59 2018 Sessions

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 Seminars & Workshops  

May 24, Thursday


ESTY Tokens and ILP - a blockhive session

Location: Grey Hall

In this session, the blockhive team will let you know how you can get ESTY tokens at Latitude59 and share about Initial Loan Procurement (ILP) - a new fundraising structure.

13:15-14:30 Fukuoka Startup City Pitch competition
Location: Grey Hall
* To apply, please send your company profile to with the reason why/how you want to expand to Asia.
The Japanese city of Fukuoka is looking for startups interested in the Asian market. The winner will receive free roundtrip airfare to Fukuoka in addition to subsidies of residential/office costs for 1 year. You’ll also get to hear pitches from cutting-edge Fukuoka companies!
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Go Global: Scale Up from Europe and Take Your Idea to the World!
Tehnopol Matchmaking Hub
Tehnopol is presenting a panel discussion that gathers the stories and experience from Estonian startups. They'll take 'a look at the wild side' of global technopolitans like Berlin, Paris, Israel and São Paulo. Join them to listen and learn at the place where meaningful interactions for many startups happen!
15:00-17:00Scaling Your Business - a Workshop by B-Hive
Grey Hall
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Launching a new business is very exciting! At one point, you will probably be looking to scale it. But when do you start your expansion? And how can you do it effectively? Jurgen Ingels, B-Hive co-founder, will share his tips for entrepreneurs, with a focus on scale-ups and lessons learned from scaling businesses.
16:00-17:00 European Startup Prize for Mobility (EUSP) Pitch Session
Terrace Hall

Come and meet Europe’s future champions of sustainable mobility for a pitch session! European Startup Prize for mobility (EUSP) supports breakthrough innovations that will shape the transport and mobility in Europe and around the world and aims to create the European silicon valley of mobility.

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16:00-18:00Nordic/Baltic Ecosystem Meet & Greet
We're bringing the startup community movers and shakers together! We will discuss the topic of “How can our countries embrace the rise of digital nomads?” + get to know each other / warm up for the afterparty with a few drinks.
For more information, email Kai.

May 25, Friday

Breakfast Networking & Pitching by B-Hive
Location: Terrace Hall
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In this breakfast networking and pitching session, all local corporates are invited to come and hear pitches from B-Hive members through matchmaking.
10:30-11:15Estonian Startup Visa: (Your) Road to Success
Grey Hall
What makes the Estonian Startup Visa program so successful? Why is Estonia special for a foreign founder? What is going on in the Estonian Startup Ecosystem? Come and chat with the Startup Estonia team and get all the insights to the successful Estonian Startup Visa programme!
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11:30-12:15"Can technology help you bypass GDPR requirements?" by Toomas Seppel from Hedman Partners
Grey Hall
New privacy rules will take effect on May 25th with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As with most complex issues, there may be solutions available to help you navigate through the requirements. During the workshop, we’ll be presenting smart solutions to help companies de-personalise data such as consumer behaviour, location-based data and many others. Transforming personal data to anonymous data is also a requirement of the GDPR, so as always, it’s technology to the rescue!
13:00-13:45 EU Funding for Innovators: a Workshop on European Innovation Council (EIC), Pilot and Future

Location: Grey Hall

The EIC pilot supports top-class innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists with bright ideas and the ambition to scale up internationally. It brings together the parts of Horizon 2020 that provide funding, advice and networking opportunities for those at cutting edge of innovation. This workshop will share information on currently available funding for innovators through the EIC pilot, and discuss the European Commission's ideas for the future of innovation funding.

14:00-14:45 No-Bullshit Banking  Discussion by LHV.
Grey Hall
Are the banks afraid of competition from startups - myth or reality? Is collaboration possible? Why aren't many banks onboarding FinTechs and how can you make yourself more attractive? All will be revealed...
14:00-17:00Personal data liberation  with Paul-Olivier Dehaye. Workshop my
Terrace Hall
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Set basis for personal data liberation activities in Estonian public and private sector: what will be improved in Estonia, if personal data under personal control is used together with open data?
Start up with Mac vs. Windows. A discussion by Valge Klaar
Location: Grey Hall

When to consider one or another? Experienced users give their input on how and why they decided for either one of those. We'll go over topics like; scaling your business, cost of ownership, collabaration with other software, different working roles and expectation for hardware/software.

Participants share their insights when to consider Mac, when Windows PC and what to expect afterwards.
  • Päärn Brauer, E-Channels Manager, Eesti Energia AS (Mac/Win)
  • Lehari Kaustel, Marketing Project Manager, Royal Experience / Creative Union (Mac)
  • Martti Salm, Construction Engineer,  Estkonsult / Strukting (Win)
Discussion will be moderated by Marko Kärner, Manager, Valge Klaar

All seminars and workshops take place at the conference venue either in the Grey Hall (ground floor), in the Terrace Hall on 2nd floor (stairs are located just next to the Korsten Restaurant) or in the Matchmaking Area (next to Yellow Stage entry).