Latitude59 2018 Conference Program

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May 24, Thursday
May 25, Friday

Blue Stage


Opening words

Triin Mahlakõiv, host for the Blue Stage
Calum Cameron, host for the Blue Stage
Annika Ljaš, host for the Yellow Stage
Yrjo Ojasaar, host for the Yellow Stage

Kadri Sundja, CEO of Latitude59

Opening discussion: Tech, democracy & the future

How does the concentration of power and new media infrastructure into the hands of a few big corporations affect democracy? Who should own data, and how does mass data collection shape social inequality? How should societies and enterprises act so that new, data-driven technologies would enhance democracy, and not curtail it?

Rand Hindi, (Paris)
Paul-Olivier Dehaye, (Zurich)
Katryna Dow, Meeco (Sydey)

Discussion is moderated by Aro Velmet, University of Oxford

AI: How the hype becomes the reality

Artificial Intelligence is currently in a stage where we see sci-fi solutions coming to real world businesses. How does this affect startups, corporations, industries, legislation and how do investors need to act in this environment?

Presentations by:
Q&A is moderated by Joyce Shen, Tenfore Holdings (New York) and joined by Taavi Tammiste, (Tallinn)

Best of the Baltic States

Introducing the hottest growth companies from the Baltic countries:
  1. Veriff (Kaarel Kotkas, CEO, Tallinn)
  2. Insly (Risto Rossar, CEO, Tallinn)
  3. Investly (Siim Maivel, CEO, Tallinn)
  4. Nordigen (Rolands Mesters, CEO, Riga)
  5. Lokalise (Petr Antropov, Head of Business Development, Riga)
  6. PlayGineering (Richard Formats, CEO, Riga)
  7. Interactio (Henrikas Urbonas, CEO, Vilnius)
  8. Rubedos (Linas Vaitulevičius, CEO, Vilnius)

Keynote: "Learnings from 10 years of SAAS investing"

Christoph Janz, Point Nine Capital (Stuttgart)

Founders guide to SAAS investments

Christoph Janz, Point Nine Capital (Stuttgart)
Marta Sjögren, Northzone (Stockholm)
Sergey Gribov, Flint Capital (Boston)
Lauri Lehtmaa, Creandum (San Francisco)
Discussion is moderated by Ragnar Sass, Lift99 (Tallinn)

The great adaption: Nomadic brains and modern tech

Presentations by:

Q&A is moderated by Eva-Maria Kangro, Interim Gene (Tallinn)


ICO’s and the token economy: Transformation of capital

John Lee, TMX Group (Ontario)
Joshua Slayton, CoinList (Silicon Valley)

Discussion is moderated by Kaidi Ruusalepp, Funderbeam (Tallinn)

Yellow Stage


Marketing and growth: What did not work in 2017

Success stories are great to hear about, but how often can you replicate those? Three marketing & growth gurus share their experience on what did not go that well this past year, so we could make notes and learn from their mistakes. Presentations will be followed by a short panel on making better-informed marketing decisions and systematically using failures for making improvements.

Presentations by:

Q&A is moderated by Annika Helendi, (Tallinn)

CHANGE in the schedule:

 Rand Hindi, founder/CEO at (Paris)

Scaling your business by Jürgen Ingels, B-Hive (Brussels) will be on stage from 13:00-13:15


Building a bridge to Asia

An insight to the Japanese market as the gateway to the whole of Asia.

Presentation by Soichiro Takashima, Mayor of Fukuoka City

Superangel founder stories #1

Personal and sometimes unbelievable stories by:

  • Kinga Jentetics, co-founder/CEO at PublishDrive (Budapest/New York)
  • Ivo Malm, co-founder/CEO at Autobahn (Tallinn/Berlin)
Please note the founder story of Rand Hindi, founder/CEO at (Paris) has been changed to 12:10-12:30.


Superangel founder stories #2

Personal and sometimes unbeliavable stories by:

  • Milda Mitkute, co-founder of Vinted (Vilnius)
  • Kaarel Kotkas, founder/CEO of Veriff (Tallinn)
  • Kei Karlson, co-founder of GoWorkaBit (Tallinn)

Startup Estonia demo afternoon

Estonia based accelerators introducing their recent batches:

Blue Stage


Fireside chat with Taizo Son. Generation Z: Beyond Snapchat

If and how does the existing education system prepare the next generation for the jobs of the future? How can technology help us overcome ages-old stereotypes and borders in our minds? What will the school of the future look like? 

Taizo Son
, Vivita (Tokyo)
Interviewed by Ede Schank Tamkivi, Eesti 2.0 (Tallinn)


Power talk: #foundership

What is foundership? Well, dictonary says: “The condition of having founded something”. But how do we get the grounds to start founding something? What do we need for creating a new generation of founders? Can Estonia become a founderland?

Kaidi Ruusalepp, Funderbeam (Tallinn)

Hendrik Ruusalepp


Tech Sisters Present

How to have your cake and eat it too: Families, entrepreneurship & career

Taavet Hinrikus, TransferWise (London/Tallinn)
Rasmus Rask, LaMuu (Tallinn)
Elina Arponen, Quicksave (Helsinki)
Milda Mitkute, Vinted (Vilnius)

Moderated by Mari-Liis Lind, Tech Sisters / Vivita (Tallinn)

Deep Impact Tech: Cellular Agriculture

Keynote by Seth Bannon, Fifty Years (San Francisco)


The future of sustainable food

How to make both the production and consumption of food more sustainable? How to produce more with less environmental impact, and to consume less wastefully?

Seth Bannon, Fifty Years (San Francisco)
Päivi Juolahti, Fazer (Helsinki)
Peter Verstrate, MosaMeat (Maastricht)
Mattias Lepp, Click & Grow (Tallinn)

Discussion is moderated by Marc De Speville, Strategic Food Retail (London)

What you know about startups is wrong

Keynote by K.P. Reddy, Shadow Ventures (Atlanta)


Building 21st century companies for humans

How do different building blocks of a company culture fit into this era of new work? How has the shift in leadership tactics impacted designing and enforcing human-centric companies? What to take into consideration while managing a multi-office and nomadic workforce and how to make them feel as an integral part of the company?Discussion with:

Kathryn Myronuk, Singularity University (Silicon Valley)
Jason Nellis, Packagd (Silicon Valley)
Martin Villig, Taxify (Tallinn)
Armands Broks, Twino (Riga)
Discussion is moderated by Hedi Mardisoo, Click and Grow  (Tallinn)

Governments in the digital age

We are living in the unprecedented era of change with multiple waves of technology enabling new business models and reshaping our economies and societies. But how is technology disrupting governments and nation-states? And more importantly how should disruption be governed?

Aida Hadzialic , Partner at Nordic West Office
Éric Bothorel,  Member of the French National Assembly (Paris)
Nikolaj Juncher Wædegaard, Deputy Tech Ambassador of Denmark (Copenhagen)
Sorin Moisa, Member of the European Parliament (Brussels/Bucharest)

Discussion is moderated by Kaspar Korjus, e-Residency (Tallinn)

Cyber security superstars

Keynote by Marcin Kleczynski, Malwarebytes (Silicon Valley)

Startup Estonia presents: Future of cyber security

Cyber security has seeped into our everyday lives so inconspicuously that we often fail to notice how it is gradually shaping our habits - and threatening our identity, election results and user experience online. Cyber topics are finally getting the attention they deserve - now that we're all caught up, what will the future of cybersecurity hold for us?

Ralph Echemendia, Seguru (Tallinn/Silicon Valley)
Merike Kaeo, Farsight Security (Seattle)
Guy Philippe Goldstein, Wikistrat (Paris)
Clare Lain, NATO CCD COE (Tallinn)

Discussion is moderated by Jenn Hirsch, EY (Silicon Valley). Track curator Karen K. Burns.


Latitude59 Pitch Competition

Nine early stage companies:
Tensor Flight
Lovat Payments
Triumf Health

Competing for:

More info here.

Yellow Stage


Superangel founder stories #3

Personal and sometimes unbeliavable stories by:

Thomas Padovani, founder/CEO at Adcash (Tallinn)
Triin Kask, co-founder/CEO at Nevercode (Tallinn)
Marko Russiver, founder/CEO at Guaana (Tallinn)

Making the most of your board

Boards can be an amazing source of support and advice to a startup but how to make sure that the founders can take the absolute maximum of their boards? And how to make sure that the board doesn’t become a hindering factor on a company’s journey?

Michel Wendell, Nexit Ventures (Silicon Valley)
Paula Gould, Men and Mice (Reykjavik)
Kristoffer Lawson, ex-Solu (Helsinki)
Jevgeni Kabanov, ZeroTurnAround (Tallinn)

Discussion is moderated by Marek Kiisa, Superangel (Tallinn)

Reverse pitch: Investors on stage

10 VC-s, one hour & a ruthless startup jury


The fine art of bootstrapping

There are several factors to bootstrapping a company, be it while growing an international business or trying to break into smaller home markets. What are the main challenges and pitfalls founders face while bootstrapping and how to manage your workforce through these times?

Olga Steidl, Skyroam (Berlin)
Alari Aho, Toggl (Tallinn)
Martin Koppel, Fortumo (Tartu)
Uldis Leiterts, Fragmentic (Riga/Silicon Valley)

The discussion is moderated by Paula Gould, Men & Mice (Reykjavik)

Superangel founder stories #4

Personal and sometimes unbelievable stories by:

Kristoffer Lawson, ex-founder/CEO of Solu (Helsinki)
Sten Saar, co-founder/COO at Zego
Taig Khris, founder/CEO at onoff